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Our restaurants and bars

Treat yourself to a culinary break at Jelmoli. From light Mediterranean cuisine to barbecue specialities straight from the grill; whether you’re in the mood for sushi, vegan creations, lovingly crafted sandwiches, French delights or a sweet treat – our chefs create culinary highlights to suit every appetite.


Restaurant Sopra

Light Mediterranean delicacies made from fresh ingredients: in Restaurant Sopra on the 4th floor, a full table service is available until 8 pm every day to provide a feast for the senses. A sociable atmosphere reigns at our long marble table – there is space for (almost) all your friends, encouraging lively discussions among the rooftops of the city centre. You may well find that you’re allowed a taste from your neighbour’s plate… On the same floor, there is a comfortable lounge inviting you to relax and stay a while. Here, you can enjoy food from the self-service counter until 2 pm. After this, the lounge becomes the venue for our next gastronomic thrill: Tea Time.



Jelmoli Restaurant and Bar

Enjoy fresh meals from the wide-ranging menu at the Jelmoli Restaurant on the 3rd floor. There are new dishes every day to complement the large selection of Mediterranean, Indian and local specialities; they are sure to make any food lover’s heart race.



The Market Grill

At our Market Grill, you can enjoy barbecue specialities straight from the grill. The grill itself hails from New York and is still something of a rarity in Switzerland. It reaches a temperature of 800 degrees – just the thing for a unique taste and perfectly cooked meat.



La Bottega

Immerse yourself in a world of Mediterranean and Italian pleasure at La Bottega. You’ll be transported into the atmosphere of a lively piazza in the middle of Italy. The two varied daily menus and the restaurant menu offer delicious dishes made from seasonal and local ingredients. The range spans from fine salads and traditional pizzas to fresh pasta, which you can enjoy in the authentic atmosphere of the restaurant or as a takeaway.

Since nothing tastes better than freshly made pasta, our fresh counter provides a wide range of exquisite, home-made pasta specialities – a highlight for all pasta lovers. Have the dish created before your eyes in our open kitchen or buy the fresh pasta and simply prepare it at home. Exquisite antipasti, flavoursome olives and mouth-watering focaccia round out the culinary offerings.

The coffee bar at La Bottega entices you to while away some time with its gloriously aromatic coffee, fresh croissants and sweet and savoury pastries. As well as classic Italian espresso and tempting sweets, you can also enjoy an aperitif at the coffee bar to get you in the mood for a relaxing evening. The high-quality organic frozen yoghurt may also win you over – you can choose various toppings such as fresh fruit and fruit purées, honey and mini marshmallows.

Experience all the variety of la bella Italia at La Bottega. We are also happy to put together exclusive evening events on request. Speak to an adviser on +41 44 220 46 64.



Bad Hunter

Bad Hunter, the bright new star on the veggie scene from Lausanne, is now conquering Jelmoli. The first branch in German-speaking Switzerland has opened in Jelmoli FOOD MARKET. Bad Hunter’s delicate, fresh and healthy dishes are made from seasonal, local ingredients and are 100% vegetarian. And the company doesn’t just use healthy products: dishes are also carefully prepared to preserve nutrients. They are therefore steamed rather than fried, roasted, baked or grilled. Unnecessary additions like fat, salt and sugar are also reduced to a minimum.

From kale wraps to lentil soup to fresh fruit smoothies, at Bad Hunter there is a wide range of healthy superfoods on offer. Everyone will find the perfect takeaway option for lunch or dinner here.



New Wave Takeaway

No matter how hungry you are, at New Wave you’re surfing the right wave. The different stands offer a wide selection of fresh salads, delicious pastas, Asian rice dishes and vegetarian and vegan specialities. New Wave is the specialist for the discerning fast food customer in Jelmoli FOOD MARKET.

Big One

As part of the New Wave area, Big One is a central meeting point for everyone who loves the many aspects of Turkish cuisine. Mr Bingöl and his team offer sophisticated variations of flatbreads, spicy meat sandwiches and börek, alongside juicy burgers and a wide range of fresh pasta dishes.

Hong Kong Food Paradise

From Thai salad to fish wok to spring rolls – at Hong Kong Food Paradise, dreams come true for fans of Asian cuisine. Take a journey through a world of Asian pleasures and indulge yourself with Thai, Chinese, Indian or Japanese specialities.




In 1886, when Auguste Fauchon opened his first stall of baked creations in the Place de la Madeleine near the Champs-Élysées, it didn’t take long before he was the darling of the fashion world. Now, 130 successful years later, FAUCHON is delighting guests from the world of women’s shoes at Jelmoli. The modern-day 'FAUCHON', Le Café offers light refreshments with the finest flavours – a selection of house specialities from éclairs and macarons to dishes with smoked salmon, foie gras, selected cheeses, salads, canapés and stylish sandwiches.



Buchmann Bakery

They’ve raised the curtain at the large open-plan Buchmann bakery, where you can watch the baker at work all day long. Among the wonderful aromas of the bakehouse, you can buy delicious bread or baked goods almost directly from the oven. It doesn’t get fresher than this. In addition to high-quality bread and delicious rolls, you’ll also find sandwiches and salads as well as cakes and pastries. Of course, you can also enjoy Buchmann’s delicacies on the spot – at the bakery’s own bar with an aromatic coffee.

Discover the delicious aromas of Buchmann’s range in the Jelmoli FOOD MARKET.